12-Private Pittston Residence
NEPA Paranormal has recently investigated a private home in the Pittston area. We were introduced to the case with claims of voices, banging in different rooms when no one is around, and a man in dark who stares at the home owner in the middle of the night, just to intimidate him. The home owner had spoken with a psychic on the matter, and was told that a number of spirits resided in his home, including, a child, who is said to e the one making all the noise, a woman who stays on the steps of his basement, a handsome man who the home owner believes to be his uncle, and the man in black, who is said to be a very negative presence.

Upon investigating the home, NEPA Paranormal found some interesting evidence, including a number of voice recordings.

We also found some interesting temperature fluctuations, in which the temperature of a particular room dropped 10 degrees in about 15 minutes.




In the first 5 clips, you will hear creaking, banging, knocking, etc….followed by our members questioning the sounds only to discover it was not any of us making the noise.
       #1               #2                   #3                  #4                



In the next EVP, Bob was talking about a room in the basement that used to be a coal bin….you will hear a whispered response saying "What Bin?"



In this clip, You will hear us trying to get something to pull Katie’s hair. After you hear somebody pulled her hair last time, you will heard a whisper say "I can’t do it"



In this EVP, You will hear Katie and Jeff talking about a mannequin in the basement. In between their talking, you will hear a foreign voice say "Hello"



In these next 2 clips, you will hear a child’s voice saying "Mommy" These were captured on two separate occasions, and seem to be the same voice both times



In this last EVP, you will hear a voice say "To Hell"




Conclusion: while NEPA Paranormal didn’t find any evidence to back up the claims of the psychic, we did find some interesting evidence in our visits to this home. We do believe there is paranormal activity at this location, and we continue to work with the home owner on calming the activity down.





We recently went back to the residence to try to help the client rid the home this spirit.It seemed that  their activity picked up, which included tormenting their dog.Stay tuned we are going over lots of evidence.