14-Private Pittston Townhouse
NEPA Paranormal recently investigated a private residence in Pittston. We came into the location with claims of voices, banging through the night, and just a general feeling that something was there that shouldn't be. The home owner believed that she knew who the spirit was. She stated it was either the ghost of her deceased husband, or two very close friends who had passed on. One male and one female. The female we found to be an interesting claim because through their life, they had always talked about trying to come back after they had passed, and even went as far as to say that whichever one passed first would try to come back and give the other a sign. We were pretty excited to investigate the claims, so we got to work pretty quickly. 




Here is Katie and Evelynn talking before the investigation.We thank her for the opportunity to try to help.


 Here we see Katie and Michelle after the turn table turned on for no app.arent reason                       




  This next shot is of the slight temp.drop,it only happened one time during the night so we dismissed it.                





                          Our first EVP is a giggle we caught during the night in the craft room of the house.


Our second EVP Kelly is talking about our local tax collector and apparently the spirit doesn't care to much for them either



Our last EVP is in the upstairs bedroom ,there was nobody in the room at that time.It's a weird noise almost saying "fat"






This is a video of Bob,Chantel,Michelle and Andy getting some interaction with the KII meter.





Conclusion: Though we did not find any solid evidence as to who remains at the home, we do believe that something is there. After doing a little looking into the situation, it was our belief that whoever the spirit was, they may have been sticking around to help the homeowner deal with the loss of so many people close to her, whether it was one of those people or not, we don't know, but it was our opinion that she let the spirit know that they could move on, and that no matter what, the people she loved and lost would always be with her. It was pretty emotional for her, but she did agree. She then went on to tell us how much the investigation helped her, and "healed" her.