15- Private Bloomsburg Residence

NEPA Paranormal investigated a private residence in Bloomsburg. The home was a beautiful split level owned by a retired couple Madeline and Louis. We were investigating claims of footsteps, being touched, having their hair pulled, and motion detectors from their security system going off in the middle of the night for no reason.

We did have some interesting personal experiences throughout the night, including being touched several times and the temperature dropping at the same time, and we had one of our motion detectors that we placed on the bed go off while we were in the room, but no one was near the bed. At the same time, we were inviting the spirits to sit on the bed.We experienced a plastic lid flying off the refrigerator.This home was built 4 years ago so any deaths in the home were put to rest,

Madeline and Louis are an older retired couple but live life to the fullest,we can all only hope and pray that we will be as young and vibrant as this couple are.We were all very impressed at the things Louis made from scratch.


 Please click the player below the music is being played by Madeline on the organ,we thank you for putting on the concert for us,we really enjoyed it.






                 In our first EVP it sounds like a whisper but we can't understand what it's saying


           Next you hear the owner(Louis) talking and then you hear something right after he finishes



                                    This one was a noise that Bob & Michelle heard



This one was in the workout room,right after Mike say kitchen there's a moan.Nobody was in the room at the time.



This is another in the workout room,sound like morris code but it sound like tapping on metal



                                After Bob says we know your here it sounds like a snort



                                                            Just a weird noise



                Another crazy moan,almost like it's mocking us


                           This last one is when the plastic lid flew off the fridge






In the video below, you will see Katie's hair get pulled. This is something she was aware of during the investigation, and had solidified when she realized the camera was right behind her.





Conclusion: NEPA Paranormal feels that there is definitely some sort of paranormal activity at this residence. We have done a Reiki energy clearing to remove the negative energy from the home. We will continue to check in with the clients, but we have not heard of any activity as of yet. We would also like to thank Madeline and Louis for having us. They are great people and we are pleased we got the chance to make some new friends in our quest for paranormal evidence.