16- Avondale 2009 T.O.P.S. & P.V.P.A.


NEPA  Paranormal recently had the pleasure to work with two groups,one local P.V.P.A.(Pennsylvania Valley Paranormal Association)  And a group based in Ohio T.O.P.S. (The Ohio Paranormal Seekers)

T.O.P.S. had to drive seven hours to get here,after meeting them Friday night we all met at the mine around eight on Saturday, right before sundown. We could only hope that the spirits were active tonight and the seven hour drive would pay off..After all of the introductions, it was time to get down to business. After talking to Dave from P.V.P.A. he informed us that the mine wasn't to active the past month. This night would be a night we would all remember. We started off the night in the main building, which included a live UPSTREAM Broadcast. Kudos to Dave on getting it up on line. After having some definite interaction with the Ovulus we caught an EVP with two pieces of equipment, on video and on a voice recorder.


In this video you will hear Jen from TOPS asking if there were any children. No response and she says shes getting bored, and to come out and play, and the spirit says "OK"

                                                            KII Responses


This first EVP speaks for itself. There were about eight of us in a small room. Bob had the headset on trying to provoke the spirit into showing itself. Brent (founder of TOPS) joins in telling it to talk to Bob Now. You will hear a loud bang,  people scrambling. Upon investigating it appeared as though a brick had been thrown at us. "Yikes!"This is taken a few minutes before the brick was thrown,it's a small room believed to be the miners shower room.

Warning:  This EVP has explicit language...Understandibly so


This EVP is the same as the video EVP only we caught it on one of our recorders. You'll hear Jen ask the children to come out and play. The response is "OK"



                                    This EVP sounds like its saying "Wayne or wait"


Here's Dave (P.V.P.A.) now with NEPA Paranormal setting up for our Live Broadcast via Ustream from the mine