17- Private Pittston Residence (Twin Mine )

This investigation took place in Pittston ,Pa. It involved a single mother and her young son. When we did the first interview you could see the fear in her eyes, the claims of hearing footsteps walking up the stairs, knocking sounds, electronic toys going off, when they would take pictures of the house they would see faces in the window. Unfortunately she was at the end of her rope and left the house until the investigation. As usual we started setting up around nine, which included 4 IR cameras ,  2 camcorders and 4 recorders. It did start off as a slow night but as it got later the paranormal activity picked up. We all had some personal experiences. Some of us heard voices and we all heard what we thought at the time was a screen door slamming, but upon reviewing the tape it seemed almost like a gun shot. We thought that it might have some significance to the case. Maybe someone could have committed suicide in this house. So we tried to find out anything about this residence we could, but found nothing. Someone suggested that the house was very close to the Twin Shaft Mine cave-in that took place on June 27,1896 where ninety men were entombed. We are still undecided about that.

                                                   Footsteps Heard on these Stairs


One experience we had was when we were doing an EVP session down stairs and we were asking for a sign, the owner had this clock that made a loud ticking noise and Bob asked if it could stop the clock from  ticking. We when we were leaving the clock apparently stopped for an hour and a few minutes. We also had a phenomenal KII session but due to a camera malfunction didn’t get to film it. Mike, Katie, Kathy and the owner seem to get some responses to specific questions and found out that it possibly was a male and it was trying to get a message to his children .Unfortunately we could not tie a name with the house to deliver this message. After the investigation the owner called us to tell us that the activity had really died down. Did we help this spirit move on, its hard to say, but as for the client, she is definitely more educated on what’s going on in the house. We will continue to work with the her.

                                              Kelly's Reaction after hearing that loud bang



In these first four EVP's you will hear an almost morris code like answer.First I would like to say that this has never happened in any of our investigations before.It could be some kind of interference or it could be direct responses.We are on the fence with these, so you will have to decide for yourself.

                            In this clip Katie asked if it was lost.


                              Katie again is asking questions and asked did you die hear.

                                                    This one Mike asks for a name.

                                       This one Katie and Mike are asking questions.

                 This EVP Chantel was saying look at this picture and a voice whispers "Look".

This taking while watching the cameras on the monitor Bob actually hears it Humming the we think it says"Whats it saying"
We really couldn't figure this one out,it's sounds like an object falling and then followed by what sounds like someone getting punched in the gut.

And the last EVP at the time we thought it might be a door slamming.After checking all the doors and finding nothing was closed we were baffled at the noise. When we did listen to the tape there was a voice right before the bang which almost sounds like a gunshot up close.