19- West Scranton Residence

              West Scranton Residence          


This investigation took place in Scranton, Pa. The clients claims were that of seeing a little boy and little girl,( the boy would play with a child in the house)also a shadow of a man in the cellar,the sound of boots walking very heavy, voices,the sound of someone talking on a radio.It was ironic that one of the previous owners worked as a dispatcher for a local cab company.

We started setting up and right off the bat a light came on and went off,we did check it out and couldn't find any short in the light.It was a fairly quiet night, and we did hear some whispering and a heard a door close, which we caught on a recorder.Around 11 there was a lot of commotion going on downstairs, so we went to see what the fuss was about. Turns out that the family had been watching our DVR cameras and saw what appeared to be the shadow man.After talking to our investigators in the basement at the time, we determined that it wasn't the shadow man.We had two cameras in the basement at the time and the hand held camera Infrared light was casting a shadow that did appear to move.Just goes to show you how your eyes can play tricks on you.Some of our investigators did have personal experiences that couldn't be explained.We are returning to try to find out more.




                 Kelly and Sean (client)                                  Andy Thought Something Touched Him 





This first one you hear a Humming and then "Don't like it" something.It's talking over another person.Tell us what you think.


This next EVP sound's like it say's "Anybody" What exactly it means??????


                                    On this one you hear a door open and Kelly hears it open.


                                       This is a quick moan you hear over Kelly's voice.


This is real clear EVP, you'll hear almost a hissing followed by"Who's Near Me".


                   And our last EVP is a simple thanks after Michelle asks a question.


We at NEPA Paranormal are always putting our clients first and strive to to the best possible job we can.Every case is a learning experiance and this one was one exception.After two investigations and hours of going over audio and video and history.Our client felt as we werent doing enough and sought advise from another local team.We wish them well and let them know that if they need help we are still here for them.