2-Avondale Revisited
NEPA Paranormal was so excited about the results of our first investigation that we felt it was time to take another visit. Boy are we glad we did. As you will see below, we found some pretty interesting evidence.




 This is an EVP we picked up in the mine building. Katie asked if anyone was there could they tap her on her shoulder. The response is "I'll whack your face", followed by a laugh.


In this next EVP, Katie asks for someone to knock over a board that was leaning against the wall. The response is "Do it yourself"


 This EVP we would like your help on,to some of us it sounds like "want to kill her".Sign our guest book and tell us what you think




These last two EVP's were taken within a few minutes of each other. In the first one, Chantel says we are leaving and is there anything anyone would like us to do for them. On the second file which was the very first thing said the response is "To guide us home"



                                                              It's response was"To Guide Us Home"