20-Private Jim Thorpe Residence
This investigation took us to a home nestled in the old town of Jim Thorpe.

The family living here relayed tales of the supernatural that they had witnessed and experienced. They even had some fascinating photos they they themselves had captured.

Frequently, the family would see a "black mass" in the home. We feel that we captured this on video during our investigation that night. Bob was on camera duty and noticed a "black mass" or shadow pass by the camera lens. This mass blocked out all light. It was quick, short-lived and a little unnerving. We played the video back that night and also in the days after on a bigger screen. We could not explain or debunk it nor recreate it entirely.

The residence also had an unexplained fire in a living room wall. This is still a mystery to the homeowners. There were also reports of the computer malfunctioning, sounds of footsteps & an unexplained floating "triangle" that passed through the daughter's room on one occasion. 

Our group had our walkie-talkies act up throughout the entire investigation. They were turning on by themselves & screeching like someone was trying to use them. Were the spirits of of this house trying to communicate with us via the handhelds? Or was it just coincidence?





                                 In this first EVP, you will hear a voice whisper thank you


In this next clip, after the investigators stop talking you will hear a strange grunt that we could not explain


In this one, after Katie says "You don't like the attic?" you will hear a voice whisper "What are they doing here?"


In this last EVP, Mike says "Were you invited here by the practices of these people?" you will hear a voice respond in a whisper "No"






In this video, you will see what appears to be a shadow pass by the camera screen. It is actually blacker than the dark in the room and at one point completely blacks out the entire camera shot. You can also see at the end of the video, we try to debunk it, and fall short. We cannot find a normal explanation for this, and we believe it may be some sort of shadow person.