23-Olyphant residence

We recieved a request for an investigation in the town of Oylphant,Pa.It involved the owner who was curious and the tenant who thought she was her imagination.The claims date back for more than ten  years,which included footsteps,voices,knocking,cabinets rattling,a child being touched in the closet and that creeped out feeling.We started around 9 pm and started out  like it was going to be a quiet night and after a while we started getting some interaction with this spirit.At one time Bob had the spirit knocking upon asking and a few investigators heard voices and even a growl. This spirit or spirits seem to be friendly and just wanted some attention. As in every case we do we helped educate the clients on what was going on and in the process gained another friendship. We would like to thank Lisa, Karen and Jen for all their hospitality,you will always be in our thoughts and prayers . 



This first EVP was odd because thirty minutes before and after, no one was in the attic where this was caught.


                                       This was a Growl that everyone heard.


                            This next one we thought it said "Gram ma"or camera.

                            In this EVP it kind of sounds like a playful humming.

This was in the living room,Katie,Kelly,Allisa,Kathy and the owners all heard the spirit say'SHHHHHHH

This was in the bedroom closet were the owners son felt like something grabed him.So Bob went in the closet to try to get some interaction by knocking.

This was in the same closet,Bob was saying he was going to get out of it and it whispers "Robert dont go".It is right befoe Bob say's something whispered in my ear.

There are a few EVP's in this one but we can not make them out.


We really thought this one was out there but it appeared to answer our clients question.She asks if it was hungry and it sounds like it say's"I want a sandwich"

And the last one was up in the bedroom and it say's "We are Watching" awesome EVP.

Conclusion: There is definitly something intelligent, maybe even more than one spirit.The owner and the tenants are very comfortable with them and are now awear on whats happening in there home.Our Psychic medium we try to help these lost souls find there way.