27- Wilkes-Barre Home


This investigation took place at a home in Wilkes-Barre. This home was a one time the residence of a predominant doctor and his wife who loved their home dearly. Could these be the spirits that are still there today? We started our investigation around 9:00 pm and had some guest investigator with us for the night.  Katie, Bob, and a guest started up stairs and immediately Katie felt pressure on her head and chest.  This was to be one of many personal experiences we all would experience this night.  Things kind of tailed off quickly as e went into the night.  Katie and Mark tried one last time upstairs with a little different approach they we asking for a temperature drop to questions.  Eventually they would get the temperature to drop eleven degrees.



                  This EVP was definitely weird,we will need you guys to make the call on it.

                            This is another we really couldn't come to a conclusion.                  

                                    This evp is saying something,can not figure it out.

                                   This EVP about half way through you hear a Hump Hump

We Think this one says "Big Fire" which has nothing to do with what the investigators are talking about.


Conclusion:   The owner is very comfortable with what is happening in the home and did not wish to disturb the spirits anymore.