28-Farm,Luzerne County


We city folk ventured into an investigation on a farm. What did we know about farms? We knew absolutely nothing, but we were rewarded with the amount of love and responsibility that goes into making it work. Jane’s passion is animals. Miniature horses are one of her loves in life. She’s has a multitude of animals on her farm…and knows each one. She has miniature horses, stallions, chickens, roosters, dogs, cats…whew…and she takes care of them all. Jane has had some unexplainable experiences happen with her animals. That’s where we come in. There have been experiences that she has had with her horses passing unexpectedly , and for no known cause. This is only to be consistent with a person dear to her dying either days after or before her horses dying. She also recounted an experience with a miniature horse being born on the farm and the entire barn being enveloped with blue butterflies at the time of the horse’s birth. This horse is now named “Butterfly. She has reported that a newborn miniature died in the barn and while out in the field ,till this day, she can still hear a faint “whinnying” at times. (Interesting note: she is not by any other horse farms…and is so in tune with her animals to know the difference). This was intriguing enough to bring us to her farm.
We had some funny experiences along the way. Most of us realized that we were unnerved by the behavior and sounds of the chickens…not ghosts. Jane on the other hand, was most comfortable with this and all of the animals on the farm.. On the property, we also discovered what some have claimed to be a huge rock that Native Americans would have used. Possibly, they used it to wash clothes, ground corn…it’s still under investigation. Interesting side note is that one of our investigators became physically “ill“ upon touching this rock and was out of commission for the remainder of the evening. Another investigator, felt that she was being nudged in the back of her legs by an unknown entity. She thought that she was too close to the horses and believed it to be one of them. Only to realize, that the horses were too far from her physically to make such occur. But, was it one of the horses on the other side nudging her to get her attention?
We had a lot of interaction with the “Ovilus” that evening. It consistently repeated the name “Peter”, only to realize after, that one of the miniature horse stalls next to it was labeled with the name “Pete”. 
We hoped to get an EVP of the horse whinnying,. But, the spot of the alleged “audient phenomenon” was too close to the highway to pick anything up. We only recorded sounds of cars and 18 wheelers. In the future, we hope to arm Jane with a recorder, so that she can record the sound when it appears to her.

We had a wonderful experience at the farm, paranormal and otherwise. Thank you to Jane and Sam for inviting us to your life on the farm. We are not only fascinated by the paranormal, but the care and commitment that goes into taking care of all of your animals.