29-Duryea Home


NEPA Paranormal recently did a series of investigations at a private home in Duryea. We came into the home hearing claims of voices, footsteps, apparitions, and even one of the homeowners feeling the sesation of being choked. They owners even showed up some chilling pictures they had taken with an apparition in the picture.  We got right to work and came up with some pretty interesting evidence detailed below on our first investigation. We did some research into the home and the area, and found that a family who lived in the home many years ago had a son who was shot on accident in the nearby woods by a hunter who mistook hom for an animal. The property itself also sits right next to an old cemetery in Duryea. We now had a few theories about the activity, and decided to go back to the residence, this time armed with our psychic/medium.  It was her opinion that the spirits were traveling to the home from the nearby cemetery, so she decided to open a portal to let them cross through. We took the investigation outside to do just that. She opened the poratl by a tree, and strangely once she did that, the EMF readings by the tree went up significantly. Our psychic advised that while many spirits did cross over at that timem, it was possible that they may still experience some activity due to the cemetery being right there. We spoke with the home owners who confirmed that there still is some activity going on, so this case is still open, and we have plans to go back to the location soon.


We caught a lot of EVP's at this location,the first we thought it sounds like glory or glorias coming.

This was a very creepy EVP,we think it sounds like someone struggling saying "GET OFF OF ME".


      This sounds like a child saying"Ring" and the "Yeah" almost like it was playing a game

                             This is another we couldnt agree on maybe  "Get The Bottle"

                                Another EVP that really didnt make much sense it say's "Im First".


                                  We are not real sure on this one either,tell us what you hear.....


Conclusion: This case is still open and trip 2 is already in the works.