30-White Haven Home

NEPA Paranormal recently investigated a residence in White Haven. The home was the former home of Schoenaman’s Beauty Supply founder Ken Schoenaman. It was a beautiful home set back in the woods, but the story behind the house was much more sinister. While Ken was a married man, he was also a very wealthy man, and the intentions behind the house were that it was to be his party home, and his wife never stayed at the residence. The layout of the house, while stunning now, was built to make his parties most convenient, with the central point of the home being an indoor built-in pool. Most every room in the house had a private entrance to the pool, and those that didn’t were only a short walk down the hallway from an entrance. Ken would stay at the house and party for months at a time. He would fly in prostitutes who would stay the length of time with him, and unfortunately a large number of them didn’t make it out alive. 17 deaths were reported from the home in the roughly 20 years that he stayed there. Death seems almost inevitable with the drinking, drug use, and other recklessness that went on, especially around a pool.


As we settled in on the investigation, we were unsure what to expect, but the setting itself was enough to cause some discomfort. Large glass windows covered the living room and dining room walls, giving us a clear view of the dark woods we were surrounded by. There was also a suspicious mound of dirt outside on the property that looked frightening similar to a grave. It turned out we did not have to wait long to begin experiencing some interesting activity. The boys went outside to check out the site of the suspect grave, while the girls stayed inside to ask some questions. Only minutes into the investigation, Katie, Alissa and Kelly heard the sounds of a party going on. Talking, music, and laughter. Since our setting was almost in the middle of nowhere, it was impossible that the sounds were coming from a neighbor.

Later in the night, Alissa felt a cold spot circling around her legs. Other investigators came to see what was going on, and could clearly feel the cold moving around her. At that point, all investigators present heard a noise that sounded like chains. Moments later Katie felt something rubbing her leg. It was enough to move the ripples in her jeans. Alissa came over to verify what was happening, and could actually see Katie’s jeans moving. At this time, the temperature began dropping. We experienced a total drop of 11 degrees. We actually specifically asked Ken to drop the temperature to 55.5 degrees and we would leave. Moments later we got a steady temp reading of exactly 55.5 degrees. We are true to our word, so we began to pack up shortly afterwards. Unfortunately due to camera batteries draining we did not catch this evidence on film, so we have to chalk it up to nothing more than a very interesting string of personal experiences.


                                       This is definitly an angry spirit saying "A$$hole".                   

                                            This one sounds like a "Hissing sound".                                  

                                    This EVP was in the pool room you can hear a whisper say "Stop".

This was a very interesting EVP,about half way threw you'll hear a whisper say "Oh my God" and then "Help Me' also some other whispering we can not make out. Tell us what you hear on this one.



In this video you are looking down the hall (30ft) to the master bedroom.This weird ball of light floats by and is followed by something we can not make out.We are not real big orb fans but it was just something we couldn't explain.