35-West Nanticoke Residence
NEPA Paranormal recently completed an investigation in Nanticoke PA. There were claims of shadows, voices, knocking, banging, footsteps, etc. There were also claims of the spirit interacting with the client’s 3 year old son. When the mother would put him to bed at night, she would hear him talking to someone through the baby monitor. When she asked him about it, he would refer to the man as Bobby. The home was a very old home, and upon researching the property we learned it was an old church rectory. Digging even further we found it could have even been built over the original church’s cemetery.
We visited the location on a few separate occasions. Each time we came away with several different personal experiences. Some investigators were touched. Some heard knocking in response to a request for a knock. After hearing about the claims of the voices over the baby monitor, we were immediately skeptical. Not that we didn’t believe the client, but there are so many factors that can cause voices to come over a monitor that the clients usually aren’t even aware of. These claims however we quickly learned had a lot of substance. Once the child went to bed, we set the monitor up in another room. Not soon after, we heard the child having a conversation with a man. This was no coincidence. The man’s voice was speaking in direct response to the child. We also came up with several other EVPs on the investigation, which are detailed below.



       This first EVP the spirit tell us to "Get out of the House"



These next two are when Mark,Bob and Criss were in the attic asking questions and getting responses bye knocking.


         This last EVP was heard while the baby monitor was on.
We did catch some other EVP's but were not appropriate for our site.

It was our belief that whatever was in the home was taking advantage of the mother, and feeding off of her fear of him. We were also concerned that it was interacting with the child, so we decided to take action on our last night we were there. We spoke to the mother, and asked her if she was familiar with the process of taking her home back. She said she was, and she had tried that before, but as she said it, you could see the apprehension on her face. We had a hunch that if we could get her to really put everything into it and try to force the spirit out; things would calm down very quickly, so we took her into one of the bedrooms and told her to have at it with whatever was there. She was nervous at first, but as she was talking to it, the motherly instinct in her took over, and we could quickly see her fear fading. It was very emotional for her, but she gave it her all and forcefully told whatever was there that it was no longer welcome, and was to leave immediately. We still remain in contact with the woman, and as of that night, there has been no activity in her home.