36-Tavern/Resturaunt/Somewhere in Pa.

NEPA Paranormal recently investigated a bar/restaurant in Pa. Due to confidentiality, we won’t mention the location. The claims were over the years including, footsteps, apparitions, doors opening and closing, even a tale of murder or suicide. This was something we did not find in our history of the place. The night started out quiet enough without much activity or interaction going on. Soon however we would not be disappointed. We gained access to an attached apartment, and suddenly found where the spirit was hiding. Walking into the room was like walking into a brick wall. You could feel the difference in the air. We also began to find strange EMF spikes that could not be caused by anything natural. The strange part was, the spike was moving, and growing larger in diameter, but as we would all move closer to it, it would shrink down again. At times we could track it from one side of the room to the other. We did all we could to find the source of these readings, but had no success.


                    This first EVP it sounds like it says "The Hell".


                           This sounds like "get out"

This is a very wierd one because there wasnt anybody near the recorder,sounds like a can rattling.


This last one is Lauren asking for a name and she get a response.



This was our first ever "Shadow Person" ever caught on film...we were very excited

Conclusion: After seeing the evidence we picked up, and the news of the apartment soon to be occupied, NEPA Paranormal came in and did a clearing on the entire establishment, as well as the apartment. We have not heard of any activity since that time.