37-Tyler Hill,Pa.


We were called to this residence by the owner of the property to help the tenants. The claims of activity were disembodied sounds, shadows moving, knocking. The local lore of this property was that in the late 1800’s two children who had died were buried somewhere on the property. Another rumor was that when the newest home was being excavated they found the bone of them. This could not be proven or disproven .
As always we tried to find logical explanations for the activity some of which we did give some insight to the client. We first noticed that the neighbor playing the TV extremely loud all the time. This could be part of the voices they hear, but other sounds the client heard were not so easily explained. We continued with EVP session and did an EMF sweep, Mike and Lauren went out to the barn, which had no electricity. Upon opening the door the KII meter went cherry red for thirty seconds and then stopped, from that moment on we did not have any activity what so ever. It was like it was hiding in there and then left. We were lucky enough to catch these EVP’s.


This first EVP Katie asks not to play games and give us your name, what sounds like a childs saying something.No children were present at the home.

This EVP the tenents were talking to each other and you'll hear a unexplainable screach under their voice.

                  This is the same screaching noise in the attic.

The last EVP sounds like it is saying "Rock my World"

Conclusion;   We had done a house clearing and are still in contact with the client, although there is still some activity, it doesn’t seem to be as sever as before. As in many cases we encounter,educating the client will help a lot with this case,when there is activity in a home every sound or event is blamed on paranormal activity,its only natural when your living in fear.