4-Wilkes-Barre Cemetery


 The History:

Wilkes-Barre City Cemetery is located directly north, next to Hollenback Cemetery. Both cemeteries are located on North River Street, along the banks of the Susquehanna River. Both were heavily damaged by the flood of 1972.

The original City Cemetery was first located at the corner of East Market and North Washington Streets where present day City Hall stands.  As the city of Wilkes-Barre thrived and grew, this plot of land became all too important to be used as a cemetery. Those fortunate families that had enough money, later moved their family graves to the present site on N. River St.

Rumor has it that those that were not financially able, were forced to leave their family members graves under present day City Hall and the nearby W-B Police Station. As they were excavating the foundation of the police station, after the Agnes Flood, they found remnants of caskets and human bones. This also lends some credence to the gossip that only the headstones were moved and the bodies were left under the E. Market St. location. Most headstones at this graveyard are either destroyed, damaged, or illegible.

This is also the final resting place of some Civil War veterans. Another little morsel of information, is that a section of the city cemetery was also set aside for burial of African-Americans and another section was dedicated to burial sites for the destitute. It seems that even in death, there was segregation of people.


The Investigation
It was an interesting trip to the Wilkes-Barre Cemetery. It was a day trip. 
I know a big yawn for day trips but this was definitely different. If you think  nothing paranormal happens during the day your very wrong.


The first picture is of Chantel doing some EVP work. A really weird Purple Haze/Orb appeared in the picture. There's seems to be a face of some kind in the haze.  Sign our guest book and tell us what it looks like.




                              Katie caught what appears to be a white mist.







In the first EVP we caught, Chantel asked "What is your name?" The response seems to be "Who?"


In our second EVP Mike asks "Do you know what year it is?" Immediately a voice whispers "Somebody" it pauses then says what sounds like "Somebody's after it." You can hear our other investigators talking in the background, but this voice is quieterand talks while the others are talking.


In our third EVP,Katie was looking at some really old headstone's and she Say's "it's about the only name I can make out here" andthen you here a humming.