40-North Wilkes-Barre Residence
NEPA Paranormal recently completed an investigation at a private residence in the Wilkes-Barre area. The clients came to us after picking up a strange recording on their answering machine. The traditional "we're not available to take your call right now" message was gone, and in its place was a recording of two children talking when no one was home. They would also hear bainging coming from their basement door as if someone was tryiong to get out. Other claims included lights turing on and off, the door bell ringing and no one would be there, strange voices, and the feeling of a presence being there when nop one was around. Upon further research into the property, we learned that years ago, there was a tragic fire atr the residence that claimed the lives of two young children. They died right in the area where the basement door now sits. We were beginning to wonder if the spirits of these children still remained in the home.


On this investigation we did get numerous bangs on tape but this on video was interesting because nobody was in the room at the time.

 This video was awesome because Bob heard a bang right behind him and he investigates it to see if it was the cat...At this time youll hear a whisper say"Time To Play"