6-Hollenback Cemetery


Hollenback Cemetery of Wilkes-Barre is also referred to as the "Political Graveyard". Many politicians from the past are buried here. For example: George Washington Woodward, Henry Wilber Palmer and George Denison just to name a few. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Wilkes-Barre dating back to 1855 and contains the remains of over 16,000 people. This cemetery is also the graveyard for some of the more prominent people in our history's past: Kirby, Stegmaier, Butler, Slocum and Rutter are names that may sound familiar to local people. It is filled with elaborate mausoleums and gravestones.  There is also a special section of the cemetery dedicated to orphan children. These poor souls of the young were provided a proper burial, but are only identified by a number.

There are very few burials held at Hollenback as all of its plots are sold. One by one, the people left to bury in family plots is dwindling.