8-W-B Beauty Salon

NEPA Paranormal has wrapped up our investigation at a local Beauty Salon! The owner *DeeDee and her daughter Jonas claimed to have witnessed a variety of paranormal events. The have heard voices, seen furniture move, heard doors slamming, had the radio station change out of nowhere, ghost cats, and Jonas even saw apparitions in the window. Needless to say, we were very excited to get in there. The investigation went very well. After a few hours with no activity, DeeDee and Jonas even became honorary member of NEPA Paranormal for the night and participated in the investigation. We were very glad they did because things seemed to pick up at that point. We think one of the spirits had some sort of attachment to Jonas because she had a steady high EMF reading following her from room to room all night. We looked into every possible factor to discount the high readings, but came up empty handed. We also caught an interesting picture, as well as a few EVP's which we have included below.

In the following picture, you will notice a person in the middle of the mirror. The picture was taken at an angle, so there was no way it could have been one of us. We were all accounted for at different places in the Salon. You will also see in the lower right corner of the mirror what appears to be a man circa 1800's holding a small dog. Upon visiting a second time to check out the area, we could not find anything there that could have cause the image.






In the first EVP, Chantel talks about how she likes the cameras. Katie says (in the background) "OK 10:30, my house) then a parrot-like voice says "Like the cameras"

In this one, DeeDee says Julia, are you there? (Julia was one of the people who used to live in the house WHO has now passed.) A voice responds "Yeah"

In the next EVP, DeeDee says something about "In the 70's" a voice responds "Who" then you hear a faint "Meow"



Here, Chantel asks for someone to walk in front of her EMF Meter. After there is no reading, she says "It's OK". Then you will  hear "hmmm"

This next one came from a recorder we left running in the attic overnight after we had left. You will hear banging like something fell or was being moved.



In this one, when Katie and Bob were in a side room on the 2nd floor, Bob thought he heard a piece of wood slide across the floor. Katie says "Are you trying to play games?" The response is "Yeah"



                               This last one is a whisper of a drawn out "Help Me"




 Conclusion: NEPA Paranormal agrees that there is definitely some paranormal activity at this salon. While that maybe true, we advised DeeDee and Jonas that we feel there is nothing negative, and they should not be afraid.

*Names have been changed at the owners request