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          Equipment used  on investigations    

NEPA Paranonormal does not just use the latest ghost hunting equipment.....we create them.  Bob Christopher, our tech manager designs, builds, and utilizes the equipment during investigations.  Bob's equipment has earned him respect in the field and his creations are being sold at the Ghost Hunter Store, which is one of the most respected ghost hunting equipment dealers in the United States.  Bob's featured items include the Vortex Ghost Gear Geophone, IR Illuminators, and a portable UV/IR Illuminator.  Other items can be found at


DVR System 

We are currently using multiple 4 channel DVR systems.  When trying to capture apperitions, objects moving, and any type of paranormal activity.They are your best chance to catch video evidence. ( Note:  We have a backup DVR system to use at Larger locations.)

 Infrared Cameras  

Infrared cameras are used to see in total darkness.We have them with 30 to 84 infrared lights and can see up to 150 feet.  We also utilize IR extender lights that could be used in large rooms and hallways.  These will add another 100 ft to enhance the distance of the cameras.

Digital Cameras
We use an array of differant digital cameras.  Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, and Kodak.  When using digital cameras on investigations we recommend that there be no smoking as it can contribute to "false positives".  

Sony w/Night Shot Camcorders 

We use Sony brand camcorders, they are the only brand that offer Night Shot. This is we can film in complete darkness without the use of
electricity. These play a very big part in every investigation we do.  We use mini DV, Mini DVD, and HI8 Models.

Our Geophones are hand built by Bob, there are no other geophones like this. We use these to pick up vibrations such as phamtom footsteps,
knocking,or the vibration from something sitting on a bed, chair,  ect.

Digital Voice Recorders
We do use multiple brands of recorders.  Sony, Olympus, and Roland for picking up EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon). Some seem to pick-up more than others.

 EMF Meter

Electro Magnetic Fields meter, there are theories that spirits may givr off EMF when trying to manifest itself.  There are certain wires and appliances that will give off high EMF.  This, in theory, can give off a feeling of being watched or a sick feeling.  

 Non Contact


We use these to measure temperature drops.  It is believed that when a spirit is trying to manifest itself it will draw energy around it and cause a temperature drop.  This is only a theory but from past experience there seems to be some activity linked to temperature drops.  

 Motion Detectors

We use differant types of motion detectors andhere is one type.  We will put them in areas to see if there is anything passing by.  The use of motion detectors has been linked to paranormal activity.

Mini DVR with Color Sony
CCD Camera

Better Than any Simple Alarm or Motion Detector. This Device has an Audible Alarm (if enabled), Records Audio, Video , & Takes Pictures when Something is Detected! Perfect for Monitoring hallways, stairs, rooms during an Investigation. All evidence is Date and Time Stamped.We have been experimenting with it and found
its great for taking pictures in complete darkness.

Mel Meter-8704 Pro Nav
This one of the best EMF meters on the market. It is the worlds only Paranormal EMF & "COLD SPOT" Research Validation Instrument.You can tract a cold spot and tke an EMF reading at the same time.It delivers Temp reading faster than you can blink an eye.
These great products click the link below.


This is a controversial piece of equipment that we have been working with.  What it does is talks to you by way of its dictionary or phonetic speech.  In theory it takes energy in the enviroment(EMF) and transforms it into words.  It has different modes and has a 512 word dictionary.  We have used it on investigations and had some interesting responses and experiences.


The PX

The Px is the second generation Ovilus.It features
the following;


             Laser Grid
As always NEPA Paranormal is up to date on new theories.This is one of them.It is believed that when you set a laser grid up the spirit will distort/block out the dots. Therefore for making it easier to see shadow figures.  We are still experimenting with this and have some interesting results.


EVP Field Processor (EFP)
Its real time, high visibility Green with Red center LED display allows others to view EVP responses easily in dark locations. This feature allows users the ability to capture EVP evidence on video. The device has a white noise baseline adjustment allowing the user, to set the baseline level on the devices illuminated scale. This provides a visual reference to see in real time any addition or reduction of proprietary frequency noise. The EFPs built in circuitry filters and amplifies input signals to extremely high levels allowing users to visually monitor EVP responses at higher resolution. The input to the device has (1) 3.5mm stereo plug used to connect to any recording devices audio output (earphone). The EFP also has (1) 3.5mm audio output which can be used for earphone or mp3 type speakers. The EFP has a manual ON/OFF switch and built in push button portable single LED navigational light. The EFP operates on one standard 9 volt battery. 
For more details on how to buy the EVP Field Processor
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The Moditronic 1080p full spectrum camera/camcorder.  
We are very excited to have this piece of equipment.  To read more please visit the site.  This is a perfect compliment to our UV/IR illuminator.

To order
click here

Vortex EM Pump
NEPA Paranormal is always experimenting and trying the newest equipment out there.This is one of them,the theory is EM (Electromagnetic) energy is fed into the air and spirits are believed to feed off of it.  We will will keep you posted.


We keep a good supply of batteries and flashlights on hand and dont forget the first-aid kit, you never know.What it comes down to is,its not how much equipment you have, its how you use it and if you know how to use it right.  Happy Haunting