57-Rolling Hills Asylum

About the Event:

The Rolling Hills Asylum investigation was a co-op investigation involving several teams from different states. The event/investigation was coordinated in conjuction with Donna Adams and David Conklin of Para Talk, CTPRT and NEPA Paranormal. Teams represented included NEPA Paranormal, CTPRT, NEPR, PASTIntel, Hazleton Paranormal, Paranormal Discovery Alliance, and 2 independent researchers. This was a great event and we would like to thank Sharron Coyle, Marlena Treat, and all of the members of the Staff of Rolling Hills.

The Investigation

We began around 9:00 pm and lasted until 5 am. Upon spliting up into teams we began investigating the basement. We had several personal experiences including an excellent EVP. On the second floor there was limited activity and we could not back up the claims of "shadow people". We were joined by Sharron Coyle who played an old record player to try and draw out activity. We also used the laser grid and were unsuccessful in attemting to draw out activity on the second floor. On the third floor we heard several knocks and personal experiences with strong feelings of being watched and cold spots. We also got reactions to our knocking tests. Rolling Hills was an interesting place with good activity and we would like to do a followup investigation in the future. The place is enormous and full of paranormal activity. This place is a paranormal investigators dream!


Here you can hear a woman crying out for a man named Ian. David was doing "real time" EVP work at the time and heard the EVP as it happened.